Gil and Jacki Cisneros with  HSF President & CEO

Gil and Jacki Cisneros with HSF President & CEO Frank D. Alvarez.
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Enhancing the financial strength of HSF through expansion and diversification of the revenue base.

The Generation 1st Degree initiative has allowed us to partner with new donors, in new ways. One of our first major investments came from a surprising source.

Jacki and Gilbert Cisneros, who won $266 million last year in a multi-state lottery, partnered with the HSF to create a scholarship and community engagement campaign called “Generation 1st Degree Pico Rivera” with a starting amount of $1.25 million for college scholarships for students from El Rancho High School (the only high school in Pico Rivera, CA), community outreach programs in Pico Rivera to educate and encourage post-secondary learning and support to build “Generation 1st Degree” across the United States. The Cisneros also created the Frank Terrazas Legacy Scholarship Program in honor of Jacki’s grandfather. This $1.55 million endowment will build over time in order to provide scholarships into the future for Pico Rivera students.

Generation 1st Degree is resonating with donors, and we expect this initiative to be a cornerstone for future fundraising efforts.