Creating sustainable alignment, efficiencies, and accountability.

A keystone of the Strategic Plan required a decisive approach to improving operational costs. This presented a perfect opportunity to continue the dialogue on the strategic asset acquisition of the Hispanic College Fund (HCF), a transaction currently in its final phase, bringing together two national organizations with common goals under the stewardship of HSF to create greater opportunities and efficiencies.

We also embarked on a national search to move our headquarters from San Francisco, and considered several important Hispanic cities before deciding to make this strategic move to Los Angeles, the nation’s largest Latino market.

In Los Angeles, HSF will have more immediate access to a large professional workforce, to media and corporate support which will greatly benefit our mission to place a college degree in every Latino household across the country.

The move to Los Angeles, scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2012, will save the organization $5M over the next decade, and ensures that HSF will continue to rank in the top tier of all U.S. nonprofit organizations with 93 percent of its resources going directly to scholarships and programs.